About GATR

Who are GATR?

Gardiner Associates Training and Research (GATR) is Europes largest provider of inter-agency fire investigation training to police and fire authorities.

The company ethos is to deliver training by people who possess and practice intrinsic skills in the specific subject areas that they teach.

From its launch in 1996, Gardiner Associates has assembled one of the most experienced and knowledgable multi-disciplined team of practitioners who are amongst the best in their category.

All GATR staff bring a high level of energy and to the classroom and provide different skillsets. These will be useful for you in the training ground as well as a wealth of practical insight and technique.

The team continues to provide a range of ‘best value’ training options.

Representatives of the majority of British fire and police authorities and former Forensic Science Service (FSS) laboratories have already attended our training programmes and in the past, the FSS has used our practical training facilities to assess and accredit forensic scientists.

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