Paul Canning – Forensic Photography Consultant with 28 yrs. as a Professional Photographer and Instructor, specialising in forensic, commercial and medical photography. Formerly 14yrs with Metropolitan Police Service as a forensic Photographer, Instructor and Manager.

John Caulton – formerly 32 years with Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, he retired as Group Manager having fire investigation as one of his references for 18 years. John is also a GFI Forensic Fire Investigator (FFI)

Mick Cloonan – retired Scientific Support Manager with 36 yrs. service Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

Jack Deans – retired senior fingerprint officer with 35 yrs. in the MPS.

Mick Conlon – formally 32 years with Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service. Retired Group Manager was a Fire Investigation Officer for 16 years with the lead and co-ordination role for over 10 years. Mick completed an MSc in Fire Scene Investigation achieving a Distinction from the University of Central Lancaster in 2015 and completed his Cert Ed in 2003.  Mick also served as a Magistrate.

John DeHaan (USA) – independent fire investigator. Formerly ATF and California Dept. of Justice. Author of ‘Kirk’s Fire Investigation’ and ‘Forensic Fire Investigation’.

Paul England – Formerly 36 yrs. with Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service and holding fire investigation reference for much of that time.

Mick Gardiner – formerly 27 years in the fire service. 11 years as a fire investigator. Author of FM Global’s ‘Guide to Fire & Arson Investigation’. Contributor to design and development of UK National Occupational Standards (NOS) and many other national and international initiatives. Former CRFP Lead Assessor and European representative on the IAAI Training & Education working group.






Clive Gregory – Formerly a full time fire investigator with West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service + accelerant search dogs, Trooper and Gunner. (GFI FFI)

Colin Heyes – formerly 30 years with Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service. During the last nine years of his Fire and Rescue Career, Colin joined the service’s Fire Investigation Team as a Flexi SM. His time spent as Lead Fire Investigator for the Service also involved the mentorship, direction of the training and CPD of colleagues.

John Hubble – Formerly 28 years with Wiltshire and Suffolk Fire and Rescue Services, he became Group Manager and lead fire investigation co-ordinator with regional reference. Contributor to UK NOS. (GFI FFI)

Malcolm Jenkins – formerly 30 years with Avon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service. In 2003, he set up the Avon & Somerset Arson Task Force. In 2010 received an MSc in Fire Investigation from Anglia Ruskin University. (GFI FFI)

Paul Mayne – served for 26 years with the Ministry of Defence Police, retiring as Detective Chief Inspector, Head of Fraud Squad and Central Operations. He is an experienced investigator and trainer/instructor who can cover many areas, including assessor & trainer training, interview techniques and management skills. He is currently head of the GATR/SfJA Assessment Centre.

Alan Munford – Formerly 36 years with Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service and holding fire investigation reference for much of that time. He sat on the initial working party that turned the UK Fire Investigation National Occupational Standards into a Skills for Justice Level 5 Certificate.

Jack Malooly (USA) – Consulting Fire and Explosion Investigator. Retired from the U.S. Dept. of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) as a Senior Special Agent after 31 years of service.


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Jim Munday (Australia) – forensic scientist – formerly with the Metropolitan Police Fire Investigation Unit and Forensic Science Service. Author of ‘Safety at Scenes of Fire and Related Incidents’.

Rebecca Jewell – Former Vice-President of Forensic Science Society. Formerly: Manager of Forensic services at SGS M-Scan Ltd.;forensic chemist Tayside Police; fire/explosion incident investigator Burgoynes and senior lecturer in forensic science and chemistry at Anglia Ruskin University.

Dave Scaysbrook– forensic biologist, serving over 36 years with the Metropolitan Police Laboratory’s Fire Investigation Unit and Forensic Science Service Chepstow.

Dave Stokes – Formerly 40 years with Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Services. As Station Commander he was lead fire investigation co-ordinator with regional reference. Contributor to UK NOS. (GFI FFI)

Nick Stuart – instrumentation, visual aids and I.T. engineer.

Yvonne Turner – forensic scientist and training consultant formerly with the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory and Forensic Science Service.

Chris Ward – formerly 30 years with Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Service, he retired as Group Manager having maintained a fire investigation reference for many years He has lectured at the Oman Fire Service College and Sultan Qaboos University. He has a BSc in Forensic Science. (GFI FFI)

Jill Warwick – Served 28 years with the Metropolitan Police, with specialist subjects in Equality and Diversity and communication/interview skills.