Level 2 Registration

Please note this form is for organisational co-ordinators to register their students/candidates. If you are an individual wishing to undertake our Level 2 course please see this link enquiries@gatr.co.uk

Level 2 Registration

    Organisation and contact details

  • As organisation co-ordinator please enter the details required below and press submit. Please contact enquiries@gatr.co.uk if there any subsequent amendments to these details. If you are an individual please fill in your details.
  • Candidate/students

  • We place students/candidates in cohorts of 10. Please fill in one form per cohort. If you are individual please fill in your details again.
  • Learner support

  • Please select if any member of the cohort is likely to require assistance.
  • Course Date

  • Cohorts are automatically enrolled in the course and individuals will be notified when the course commences. Please select a preferred date for the cohort to commence the course.
  • Course fees

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Data Protection