John DeHaan

Dr John DeHaan

It is with deep sadness that Gardiner Associates Training & Research team have to announce the passing of our veteran business associate and world-renowned fire investigation ambassador and dear friend Dr. John DeHaan.

Our company founder Mick Gardiner, first met John in November 1989 when they shared the speakers’ platform at a Forensic Science Society event in Harrogate. Their personal friendship and our company’s professional relationship with John developed over the nineties through to 2007 when John was a keynote speaker at eight of our annual ‘Live, Learn and Pass It On’ fire investigation conferences at Brunel University. A total of over 1000 UK delegates benefited from John’s teachings at these events alone.

For over 12 years we also had the privilege of hosting John’s Advance Fire and Explosion courses, which he co-presented with our other US Business Associate Jack Malooly. These combined theory/practical programmes were attended by an approximate total of 400 UK delegates.

In 2015 John, Jack and Mick shared a speaker’s platform in Leeds at the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences conference event titled ‘Fire Investigation: Where were we? Where are we? Where are we going? A couple of years later John began to curtail his international travels as his body was feeling the wear & tear of sharing his passion for fire and explosion across the UK and global fire investigation community.

Over recent years members of the GATR team maintained regular telephone contact with John and will miss him very much.

Rest in Peace John.
All at GATR